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Ca' Tornielli apartment

Информация И Бронирование  
Цены 2005 Высокий Низкий Сезонность
7 ночей 1000 950
Высокий сезон:
с 15 декабря по 6 января
с 28 января по 30 июля
с 1 сентября по 2 ноября

Низкий сезон:
с 3 ноября по 14 декабря
с 7 января по 27 января
с 31 июля по 31 августа
За каждый исключенный день - минус 87 87
За каждый добавленный день - плюс 87 87
Three weeks or more    
please fill the form below; price to agree.

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Вы также можете позвонить: +39 041 52 44 394.

    Apartment "Cà Tornielli" is a private apartment. It is managed by VeniceApartment (owned by "ItalyApartment Srl"), which acts in the name and on behalf of the owner of the apartment. Booking acceptance is subject to to the availability of the indicated apartment and to the payment of the advance and than it is implemented with the consequent execution of the contract, only at the moment in which ItalyApartment will send the written confirmation (by fax or e-mail).
    ItalyApartment reserves the right not to accept reservations done by people under age.
    The contract shall be considered as rescinded at the expiration of the period of location of the apartment.
    On the confirmation of the reservation ItalyApartment asks the payment in advance of the 30% of the price for the apartment, to put down as a deposit within 5 days from an above-stated date, while the payment in full shall be done at least 30 days before the arrival day.
    For every reservation done after the above-stated date, the total cost shall be paid at the moment of the reservation in one amount.
    The non-payment within the agreed date can be considered as resolutory clause within the agreement, such to determine the cancellation of the contract.
    Prices required are expressed in Euro.
    Every service and possible additional expenses are mentioned explicitly in the special section "services".
    The rates could change from a minimum value to a maximum value in made of the season. The price will be calculated at the moment of the prenotation request with an e-mail. Our prices includes electricity, hot and cold water, heating, gas, household linen and the assistance of our staff during check-in and check-out. Telephone is always charged extra.
    ItalyApartment's bank references
    ItalyApartment c/o Cassa di Risparmio di San Marino Filiale di Dogana
    SWIFT of our bank: CSSMSMSM

    SM 87 M 06067 09803 000002232601
    The cancellation of the reservation on behalf of the guest gives to ItalyApartment the right to request the following percentages on the total cost of the apartment:
    - till 31 days before the arrival : 10%
    - from 30 to 21 days : 25%
    - from 20 to 11 days : 50%
    - from 10 days to 72 hours before : 75%
    - no repayment after this termination or in case of interruption of the set out stay.
    In the eventuality in which it would become a necessity to propose an apartment different from the settled one, or in the case of the cancellation of a before confirmed reservation, ItalyApartment will try to keep immediately in touch with You and to find an accommodation with features very similar to the ones requested.
    If this shouldn’t be possible or if You disagree with this alternative, the contract will be dissolved and the advance together with the total cost of the apartment will be paid back to You. Nothing else must be expected by ItalyApartment.
    If the guests, as regards the rented apartment, shouldn’t civilly behave, ItalyApartment reserves the faculty to dissolve in advance the contract, keeping back for itself the total amount already paid.
    A deposit (cash or with credit card) is asked before the entrance in the located apartment in security for possible damages, accidents and faults.
    This deposit will be paid back at the expiry of the location contract, after looking over of the rooms by some people charged by ItalyApartment.
    If you leave earlier than the term agreed upon we are authorised to keep the deposit until we check that nothing has been damaged. Afterwards you will receive the deposit back by mail.
    In case of vandalistic acts, breaks, thefts of the client in the rented apartment, the same client also becomes himself responsable over the paid amount in the cautional deposit, until the amount reaching of the suffered damage from ItalyApartment.
    The apartment is delivered at 14.00 o’clock of the arrival day and must be cleared within 10.00 o’clock of the last day of Your stay.
    The keys delivery succeds in our Point Office where will succed to confirm the list of the objects shown in the apartment. If you discover that an item in the inventory is damaged, you must report it at the latest within 12 am of the day after the arrival, otherwise our society will not be responsible for such item. When you arrive our staff will follow You in the apartment.
    On request, ItalyApartment arranges the transport from the airport, the railway station or Roma Square to the located apartment and back, with settled taxi-cabs.
    To make Your arrival simpler, we beg You to tell us (by phone, fax or e-mail) Your means of transport, as well as the number of Your flight, train or if You arrive in Venice by car. In this way we could suggest You the means of transport to take to reach our reception, which could eventually be used as left-luggage office, or directly Your apartment.
    If your time of arrival is out of the office hours, you should pay 50,00 Euro more (as a person of the staff will pick You up).
    Arrangements for the departure time will be also taken upon arrival. In case any arrangement has been made upon arrival, some apartments have no telephone, so you must keep in touch with our representative to arrange a date for your check-out.
  • 8. ANIMALS
    The animals are admitted only by previous written request (by fax or e-mail), which shall be done before the reservation and the following confirmation of vacancy.
    ItalyApartment gives You the apartment clean, supplied with linen and of all You need for a short stay.
    All building rules and regulations must be observed. Between 1 pm and 3 pm and 11 pm and 8 am apartment occupiers shall not make any loud noise. In the event that you will not follow the building rules and regulations, (such as noise etc. during the mentioned hours) and those stated by ItalyApartment, our firm reserves the right to drive you immediately away from the apartment without having to refund you. Moreover the ItalyApartment will require a payment for any damages caused.
    - rubbish must be deposited outdoors within 8.30 a.m., otherwise use the dust-bins in the neighbourhood of the apartment (the municipal rules provide a fine of 100.00 EURO in case that this rule is not observed);
    - cigarettes must not be laid on the furniture;
    - clients are requested to leave the fridge clean and to defrost it the evening before the date of departure;
    - at the check-out, clients are requested to leave the apartment in order, assembling all used linen on the divan and the kitchenware on the table.In case the apartment's keys are lost, we will be allowed to charge the amount of 50,00 Euro, which includes the change of the safety lock.
    In case you will require the presence of our staff during the stay for any reason that we will consider to be not so serious, you will be charged of 25,00 Euro each time.
    In case you will forget the keys inside the apartment and our staff 's presence is required to open the door, we will be allowed to charge the amount of 40,00 Euro.
    In case of an electricity black-out due to the wrong use of some electrical household appliances (i.e. hairdryer) that you can not settle by yourself , we will be allowed to charge the amount of 40,00 Euro.
    Your contract with us is governed by Italian Law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of Italian Court.